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How to Get the Listing

Before Your Appointment!

How did I become the number one listing agent for my area? How did I hold that distinction for over 15 years? It started by creating a powerful pre-listing packet.

My listing appointment conversion rate was approximately 98%. Yep, 98%. When I started using this packet, I saw a big change in my listing appointments. I almost never even had an appointment cancellation!

Create a Powerful Pre-Listing Packet is the ONLY webinar of its kind that…

1. Shows you exactly what to include in your own packet.
2. Shows you exactly what to NOT include in your packet.
3. Shows you how to easily create the packet.
4. Provides you with a process for delivering the packet.
5. Provides you with a PDF copy of my own personal pre-listing packet.

So if you’re ready to finally put together your own Impressive Pre-Listing Packet with ease, 


Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for any of my webinars:

I have been right where you are - I was a single agent starting out, I then became an agent with an assistant, I moved on to being a team leader and then I owned my own boutique brokerage in Colorado.  I always, always did the team's listing appointments.  Listings were my sweet spot.

Last year, I sold my real estate business to completely concentrate on helping other real estate agents improve their own businesses.

As corny as it may sound, I am getting so much more back by helping other agents than I did selling real estate!

Absolutely.  The worst thing I could do is tell you I am going to show you how to do something and then muddle through the webinar.  I have taught other agents for several years now.  I have also been a speaker for NAR and for the CRS organizations.

Yes, you will.  Can you do it in thirty minutes? Probably not.  However, I am providing you with a page-by-page example of what to include in your own packet.  That's been the biggest stumbling block for agents - what should they include?  Many just shake their heads and say that they will worry about it later.  I show you exactly what to do NOW!


I get it.  In real estate, it seems like you are being asked every day to pay for something else. 

However, if you could obtain just one - just one! - listing from this pre-listing packet, wouldn't it be worth it?  

Here’s what you’re getting when you register today:

  • Access to the pre-recorded webinar. 
  • You will access to the playback for one month after the webinar airs
  • PDF copy of my personal pre-listing packet after the webinar airs
  • Special discount offer for the popular "Get Every Listing Every Time" online course!

Plus, the webinar is only $25!

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