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About Karen

Karen Mistrot

Fresh Ideas Training



Starting Fresh Ideas Training in 2016 was an easy decision for Karen Mistrot.  As a seasoned Colorado real estate agent, Managing Broker, and real estate brokerage owner, Karen has been on all sides of a real estate transaction.  Over the years, agents reached out to her asking for advice, tips or just time to "pick her brain". Even though her brain felt like there wasn't much to "pick", she always loved meeting with agents.  After doing this numerous times, she realized that she could create courses that would reach a wider audience, and Fresh Ideas Training was born!

At the beginning, Karen taught all of her classes in person.  However, many other agents around the country started asking for the classes, too.  While she still loves to teach in person,  Karen  created online courses to reach more agents.  Agents have loved the flexibility surrounding the classes and the fact that they can do them on their own schedule!  Karen has found that actually having lived in a real estate agent's shoes and at a very high production level makes all of the difference when teaching. She totally "gets" being an agent and has been everywhere from zero deals when starting out to having her own real estate team. Because of this, Karen's fast-paced classes are filled with "real-world" examples, great take-aways and shine with enthusiasm. Karen loves teaching agents of all experience levels, and nothing excites her more than seeing her ideas implemented by others.

Karen authored "How to Dominate a Neighborhood" in 2018 about one of her real estate passions – farming.  She built her entire business on farming and wishes that a book like this one was available when she starting farming!  It would have prevented so many mistakes! It is now available on Amazon.

In 2018, Karen sold her business and moved to Arizona to concentrate solely on Fresh Ideas Training.  She is enjoying not shoveling snow any longer but does miss seeing the Rocky Mountains on a daily basis.  A proud alum of the University of Texas at Austin, Karen has been happily married to Mason (they actually originally met in Arizona many years ago!), is a proud mom of Meredith (a student at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth – Go Frogs!), and tries to not get in the way of the Head of the Household – Honey the Cat. 




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