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Phone Call

Learn exactly what to do from the minute you receive a phone call asking you to meet with the seller.  Receive Karen's Listing Intake Form and learn why each part of it is so important.

Listing Presentation

The majority of this class will go over Karen's Listing Presentation in detail.  Each page will be covered - what to put in the Listing Presentation and what not to put in it.  Class Attendees will receive a sample of the Listing Presentation. 

Establishing Rapport

Karen will cover what to do once you are at the property, step-by-step.  What's the best way to establish rapport? You will also learn what to do once you leave the home.

Learn from someone just like you!

Karen started out as an agent on her own.  She quickly realized that she needed to become a master at listings in order to build a profitable, sustainable business.  Learn all of her secrets in one class rather than piece-mealing items together!

What you will will learn...

  • What to say and to ask when someone calls about listing their home
  • How to control the conversation and make sure you meet at a convenient time
  • What to prepare for the meeting - step-by-step 
  • How to prepare the materials
  • What to do upon arrival at the home
  • What to do during the meeting
  • What to do after the meeting
  • How to do this each and every time

Learn at your own pace!

Never miss that class you really wanted to take but something came up again! Karen's online classes are professional, well-scripted and timed to create the best learning experience for you. Take the class at 6:00 am or midnight - any time of the day or night, at your own pace.


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