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Stop Believing These Real Estate Myths

You Don't Need to Do These Things to Succeed

No Need to Door Knock

Does the thought of going door-to-door to drum up business make you cringe?  Would you prefer that clients contact you directly instead of having to visit random homes?  Learn how to never have to door knock again!

No Need to Cold Call

Are you tired of thinking that you need to call people during dinner to get business?  How about just receiving their voicemail over and over?  Exhausted thinking about the Do Not Call List?  Farming doesn't require cold calling!

No Need to Chase Online Leads

Is the cost of online leads making you shake your head? Do you really want to keep calling someone when many other agents are also calling the same leads?  Farming doesn't include online leads at all!

Tired of Hearing From "Experts" That Have Never Sold Real Estate?

Learn From Someone Who Has Been in Your Shoes!

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Wonder what the class would look like? Take a peek inside the course and see how easy it will be to maneuver around. Over 4 hours of instruction is provided!


Walk Away With...

  • How to Choose a Farm - Worksheet Provided
  • Should You Live in Your Farm?  You Might Be Surprised!
  • Marketing Calendar - How to Set a Budget Sample Worksheet
  • What Size is a Perfect Farm?
  • Monthly Newsletter - Format and Ideas
  • Tons and Tons and TONS of Farming Ideas with Real-World Examples
  • Funny and Engaging Real Estate Anecdotes
  • Enjoy the Class at Your Own Pace
  • Over Four Hours of Information Presented!


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Karen Mistrot is a complete farming nerd!  After selling residential real estate at a high level for many years, she is now a full-time trainer/speaker/author with Fresh Ideas Training.  Her real estate company was completely built on the farming premise, consistently making in the high six figures each year.  You can find her book  "How to Dominate a Neighborhood with Real Estate Farming" on Amazon.  One of Karen's passions is to help agents build a real estate business that they can sell - she was able to do it herself and wants to help others do the same. 

"If you want to farm in real estate - THIS IS AMAZING. I got more info and value out of this course than any I have taken in years. I work in the same market as Karen did, so when I saw that she was willing to share her "secrets", I was really excited because I know she has dominated her neighborhood and farm area for years...I knew she was "The Real Deal"! There are things you can immediately implement to take your business to the next level. I highly recommend it! Thanks Karen!"

Anne Barrington, The Barrington Real Estate Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Not Sure? Check Out These FAQs!

Yes! Farming is sometimes referred to as an "old school" technique, but it has worked repeatedly over the years.   There will always be the new "shiny" objects that catch real estate agents' attention, but farming has proven again and again to work throughout the years.

Absolutely not.  In fact, this class is the opposite of that.  Too many times, instructors are people who have never even done what they are teaching.  Karen has not only taught farming (even authoring a book on it!), but she has "walked the walk".  She farmed successfully at a very high level.  She knows what it takes and provides real-world examples throughout the course.

Karen often says that if she could have participated in a farming class like this one, she would have saved herself a ton of money over the years.  With just one closing due to farming (and you hopefully will have many more than one!), you will probably have paid for this class many times over.  Investing in your business is Rule #1 in real estate.

Over four hours of instruction is included with this course!  The beauty of this online course is that your can view the class on your own schedule.  Only have thirty minutes in the morning?  That's fine!  An hour in the evening?  Perfect.  Maybe you just want to get it all done on a Saturday afternoon.  That's absolutely fine as well!  It's up to you!

While we think the class will provide you with a ton of useful information, we will provide you with a 14-day money back guarantee!  We feel so confident that you will enjoy the class, we are offering the guarantee.  


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